The Rolling Plan is a strategic document identifying EU policy priorities in relation with ICT standards and technical specifications, in particular interoperability (including avoidance of technology lock-in) in the ICT domain.

The European Commission has different options for making use of standards and technical specifications or triggering activities around standardisation:

  1. Standards may be referenced in support of legislation, i.e. in the context of EU Regulations or Directives. Harmonised European Standards (HEN) may be used to demonstrate compliance with so-called essential requirements
  2. Standards may also be used in support of industrial or innovation policy, e.g. for driving interoperability and the uptake of new technologies
  3. Standards can also play a role in EU funded Research and Innovation (R&I) projects, most notably in the context of the EU Framework Programmes for R&I

IoT, Broadband Infrastructure, Cloud computing, Advanced manufacturing, Intelligent transport systems (ITS), Smart Grids etc. are targeted in this Rolling Plan.More on the EU Rolling Plan