A group of companies including Volkswagen, Cisco, HP and Intel announced yesterday the creation of the Fair Standards Alliance (FSA).

This group was formally created in Brussels on 21 October 2015 to advocate for « fair » licensing terms. The FSA is financed though contributions of up to 100’000 euros per year / company. The FSA bylaws are enclosed (in Belgian French).
The objective of the FSA is to “globally promote, first of all in the EU and Member States, the Fundamental Principles regarding SEPs licenses under FRAND conditions » (Article 4 ). In addition the FSA will:
  • engage in the political debate on FRAND licensing and SEPs
  • Lobby policy makers on the same
  • Speak to the press, create a website, etc. 
  • Publish studies and become the main, high-quality information source on SEPs and FRAND licensing 
The size and nature of the companies involved, and the objectives of the FSA suggest that this alliance will wage an “all out war” in the coming months to undermine the entire european innovative ecosystem, devaluate patents and open the door to technology platforms free-riders on the back of innovative companies, including SMEs.
Other founding members of the FSA include: BMW (Germany), Dell ( US), Fairphone (Netherlands), Hewlett-Packard (US), Intel (UK), IP Access(UK), Micromax (India), N&M Consultancy (UK), RHA Legal, Advocates & Solicitors (India), Sierra Wireless (Canada), TELIT Communications SPA (Italy), U-BLOX (Switzerland), CISCO System Belgium (US) and Volkswagen AG (Germany)