Policy & publications

Forge an industrial policy that reflects the value of European Innovation
and builds a global level playing field, to create the world’s leading
open digital economy

Europe needs to strengthen and leverage its unique and highly successful collaborative open standardisation model. This will enable European innovators ….

Principles and guidance for licensing standard essential patent in 5G and the internet of things, including the industrial internet 

Following the wave of technology that saw the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, we are now riding a new wave of technology which some call a fourth industrial revolution ….

Cycle of innovation infographic

Open Standards in mobile communications enable people and device to connect around the globe.

Open Standards Education Campaign

Cellular communication standards – like 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G, have transformed the world over the past 30 years. They provide the foundation for the digital innovation ecosystem. The purpose of this campaign is to help people better understand how the system works and the benefits that it provides to European businesses and consumers.

The new IEEE Rules: A Threat to innovation and consumers

This study (Keith Mallinson, September 2017) assesses the practical impact of changes made by the IEEE to its patent policy in March 2015. According to the IEEE, these ….

SME Manifesto: Driving growth for European innovators

A statement of policy, aims and practical support for European SMEs who invest in innovation: empowering these economically vital companies so they can help Europe become the world’s ….