PRESS RELEASE: France Brevets and IP Europe aim to lead European SME entrepreneurs through the ‘innovation valley of death’

‘European Patent Factory fund’ and ‘expert advisory partnership’ to be launched in 2019

PRESS RELEASE: PIMEC and IP Europe collaborate to ensure 'benefit from innovation'

PIMEC, the association representing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Catalonia has joined forces with IP Europe, the European alliance of IPR and R&D-intensive companies and research institutes, to further support SMEs and share critical information on innovation, Intellectual Property (IP), patents and IP protection.


CEOs of tech SMEs asked President Juncker to support innovation and open standards

Following the launch of an SME Manifesto on ‘Driving Growth for European Innovators’ in June, a group of CEOs from some of Europe’s most innovative technology SMEs have written to President Juncker to request action on its contents.

Fractus, Catalan technology inside all mobiles

This article was originally published on VIA Empresa.

It might now seem anachronistic but not so many years ago mobile telephones had exterior antennas. That these were later built into the device and capable of receiving different frequencies (3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Wifi...) is in large part thanks to Fractus. "Just about all mobile telephones in the world have our technology,Rubén Bonet, CEO and cofounder of the company based in Sant Cugat del Vallès tells VIA Empresa.

Unleashing the full potential of European Standards for the 21st century. Not possible without SMEs contribution

The need for a single coherent approach towards standardization from European Institutions in support of global competitiveness of European industry, including SMEs. It was the main topic addressed at the breakfast debate “Unleashing the full potential of European Standards for the 21st century” convened at the European Parliament on the 7th of January in which IP EUROPE took part.  

EU adopts pro-IP measures and hints at new SMEs rules as part of the IPRED review

European Commission adopts new IP/patent measures to support access to and use of intellectual property for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and confirms that SMEs-specific measures will be considered as part of the ongoing review of Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of IP rights.

Takeaways from “Let Innovators Innovate” event in Turin, June 28

Italian SMEs stand together for patents and innovation in Europe 

Over 30 participants including innovative SMEs, industrial corporations, investors and venture capitalists engaged with a vibrant debate on how to make Europe the most attractive hub for innovators.

Let innovators innovate !

Executive Networking Session & Working Lunch with Innovative SMEs hosted by Torino Wireless 
June 28th, 2016 – Torino, Italy

Investing in R&D, securing fair returns for your patented inventions and the importance of open technology standards: what are the new business and policy challenges for innovative entrepreneurs in Europe? How can we make Europe a better place for your company and investors? 

Commissioner Bieńkowska announces measures to help research centres and SMEs to better use their IP & inventions

Answering a parliamentary question on the protection of intellectual property rights and SMEs by MEP Therese Comodini Cachia (PPE, Malta), Commissioner Bieńkowska referred to the Communication  ‘Upgrading the Single Market: more opportunities for people and business’ published on 28 October 2015, and stated that a package of measures to assist small entities such as start-ups, universities, research centres and young entrepreneurs to better use Intellectual Property Rights in order to exploit their creations and inventions, will be implemented within the same timeframe of the Unitary Patent system, supporting therefore the uptake of unitary patents by innovative SMEs.

T-TIP to include an SME chapter says EU Trade Commissionner Malmström

In an answer to an EU parliamentary question, Ms Cecilia Malmström stated that : “to ensure that SMEs take more advantage of trade agreements, the Commission will include SME provisions in future agreements. For the first time the EU is negotiating an SME chapter in an FTA (TTIP), which will include cooperation, information sharing and an SME Committee.”