Apple and Qualcomm’s Billion-Dollar War Over an $18 Part

The following is an excerpt from a Bloomberg article on the Apple-Qualcomm dispute over patent royalties:

Why the ETSI IPR Policy Does Not and Has Never Required Compulsory ‘License to All’: A Rebuttal to Karl Heinz Rosenbrock

EPO publication highlights importance of patents for Europe's SMEs

IP Europe's SME Chair Fractus is included in a set of 12 case studies focusing on how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe are using patents to their advantage, published by the European Patent Office.

Video: Fractus CEO Rubén Bonet on the benefits of patents for European SMEs

Commissioner Vestager claims royalties of $120 per smartphones due to threat of injunctions

Commissioner Vestager stuns Chillin’ Competition Conference audience by reffering to a disputed paper by former Intel Associate General Counsel and stating that ICT companies charge an average of $120 of royalties per smart phone - when the actual figure is about to $7; and by suggesting that they impose such high-rates by using the threat of injunctions - link to Speech

Takeaways from “Let Innovators Innovate” event in Turin, June 28

Italian SMEs stand together for patents and innovation in Europe 

Over 30 participants including innovative SMEs, industrial corporations, investors and venture capitalists engaged with a vibrant debate on how to make Europe the most attractive hub for innovators.

Let innovators innovate !

Executive Networking Session & Working Lunch with Innovative SMEs hosted by Torino Wireless 
June 28th, 2016 – Torino, Italy

Investing in R&D, securing fair returns for your patented inventions and the importance of open technology standards: what are the new business and policy challenges for innovative entrepreneurs in Europe? How can we make Europe a better place for your company and investors? 

Commissioner Bieńkowska announces measures to help research centres and SMEs to better use their IP & inventions

Answering a parliamentary question on the protection of intellectual property rights and SMEs by MEP Therese Comodini Cachia (PPE, Malta), Commissioner Bieńkowska referred to the Communication  ‘Upgrading the Single Market: more opportunities for people and business’ published on 28 October 2015, and stated that a package of measures to assist small entities such as start-ups, universities, research centres and young entrepreneurs to better use Intellectual Property Rights in order to exploit their creations and inventions, will be implemented within the same timeframe of the Unitary Patent system, supporting therefore the uptake of unitary patents by innovative SMEs.

Public consultation on the Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive (IPRED)

EU Commissioner Bienkowska, responsible for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, answered a Parliamentary question by MEP Marc Tarabella (Socialist & Democrats political group) on the Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive: “the Digital Single Market Strategy announced the need to ensure that the Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive is made fit for purpose for the enforcement challenges raised by the Internet and the Commission will be consulting on this with a view to making appropriate proposals.”

Ericsson and Apple sign global patent license agreement, settle litigation

Ericsson and Apple have agreed on a global patent license agreement between the two companies. The agreement includes a cross license that covers patents relating to both companies' standard-essential patents (including the GSM, UMTS and LTE cellular standards), and grants certain other patent rights. In addition, the agreement includes releases that resolve all pending patent-infringement litigation between the companies.