The SME Instrument Phase 2: an EU funding source that innovative SMEs should not neglect

38 innovative SMEs from 13 countries have been selected by the European Commission in the latest round of Horizon2020 SME Instrument Phase 2. Each project, 33 in total, will receive up to € 2.5 million. More

A new step to making the EU Unitary patent a reality

The EU Unitary patent will provide a new way for inventors and innovators to protect their patent in the EU. Today, the patents are awarded by national IP offices and give protection in one country. The EU Unitary patent means that just a single application will be needed for a patent grant, providing a one stop shop covering the territory of 26 EU countries. It will reduce patenting costs for companies, especially SMEs and start-ups.

EVENT:  23 November 2015 - Transport SME Innovation day, organised by the EU Commission.

European Commission's officials (DG Research) will present the EU finance for innovators in transportation industry. This event will take place in Brussels. 

European Commission to support IoT development

European Commission announces a “Call for Proposals on Internet of Things (IoT) Large Scale Pilots (LSPs)” to encourage the development of IoT in Europe and enable the emergence of IoT ecosystems supported by open technologies and platforms. The call ends on 12/04/2016.

European Commission provides 50.000€ in seed funding for Startups

More than 140 european SMEs have been selected to receive 50.000€ in funding and business coaching to help the SME draft an initial business plan under Horizon 2020 program.

Socialist MEP asks EU Commission about plans to improve access to justice for SMEs

Nicola Caputo, Italian Member of European Parliament, asked the European Commission how it intends to reduce the litigation costs for SMEs and support the alternative forms of dispute resolution (such as mediation).

EU Commission investing 3 billion for innovative SMEs

Kristin Schreiber, director of the COSME program within DG Growth at the European Commission, explains the measures adopted towards SMEs.

SMEs to enter in the negotiation's scope of T-TIP with a yet unclear goal.

EU's initial proposal for legal text for "an SME Committee" in the SME chapter of T-TIP. It was tabled for discussion with the US in the negotiating round of 19 - 23 October 2015 and made public on 6 November 2015.

European Commission to present new measures for SMEs

On November 9th 2015, the European Commission will present before European Parliament new measures to cut the red tape for SMES and new funding for innovative SMEs, part of the new EU Single Market Strategy: "Upgrading the Single Market”.

European Parliament - Committee on Industry to go over the digital economy priorities for 2016

European Parliament - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) will hold a structured dialogue on 9 November 2015 with Commissioner Oettinger in order to go over the digital economy priorities for 2016.