Commissioner Vestager claims royalties of $120 per smartphones due to threat of injunctions

Commissioner Vestager stuns Chillin’ Competition Conference audience by reffering to a disputed paper by former Intel Associate General Counsel and stating that ICT companies charge an average of $120 of royalties per smart phone - when the actual figure is about to $7; and by suggesting that they impose such high-rates by using the threat of injunctions - link to Speech

EU adopts pro-IP measures and hints at new SMEs rules as part of the IPRED review

European Commission adopts new IP/patent measures to support access to and use of intellectual property for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and confirms that SMEs-specific measures will be considered as part of the ongoing review of Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of IP rights.

Regulatory restriction to Patent rights will affect innovation and benefit free-riders

The 4ip Council published an article by Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Melullis, which critically analyses the arguments put forward that the patent and its enforcement limit competition, differentiating between SEP and non-SEP. The article further analyses the potential need for regulatory intervention in the litigation system and the expected consequences of such potential intervention on competition, investments, research and development activities and innovation

New empirical evidence reveals 83% decline in essential patents contributions to the IEEE

After more than 18 months in operation, the new IEEE patent policy adopted in March 2015 appears to have resulted in an 83% decline in the average supply rate of non-duplicate LOAs to IEEE standard development activities.