Déclaration du Conseil sur la standardisation des TIC pour le Marché Unique Numérique

IP Europe salue la déclaration de soutien de l’Union Européenne aux normes européennes dans l’innovation et la technologie.

EU Council Declaration on ICT Standardisation for the Digital Single Market

IP Europe warmly welcomes the adoption of the May 26th 2016 Declaration of the Council of the EU on the European Commission Communication “ICT Standardisation Priorities for the Digital Single Market”

IEEE royalty rate fixing would probably breach EU competition law

Article by Professor Nicolas Petit, published on ssrn.com

Let's keep Europe innovating!

We are accustomed to assume that companies taking the risk of creating new technologies can get a fair return on investment while manufactures that license the technology on Fair and Non – Discriminatory ( FRAND ) terms can make products without having to invest in their own risky R&D. But lately there have been attempts to waken FRAND in ways that would discourage invention companies’ participation. The result would be proprietary technology platforms that offer consumers little choice instead of standardization, and that would dash European hopes for the digital single market. We hope policy maker will recognize the danger of upsetting a balanced, fair-for-all FRAND-based open standards system that produced some of the most profound advances in the history of humankind and kindled widespread economic growth.