European Commission’s (DG Grow) new SEP licensing expert group must seek consensus

PRESS RELEASE: France Brevets and IP Europe aim to lead European SME entrepreneurs through the ‘innovation valley of death’

PRESS RELEASE: Specifications for the 5G cellular network released

PRESS RELEASE: PIMEC and IP Europe collaborate to ensure 'benefit from innovation'

IP Europe welcomes innovation and investment friendly Council Conclusions on Intellectual Property and wireless open standards

IP Europe welcomes the European Commission Communication on Standard Essential Patent (SEP) licensing

PRESS RELEASE: US Department of Justice provides guidance for a balanced approach of competition law towards standard development organisations and FRAND licensing

PRESS RELEASE: ‘License to all’ will freeze innovation and destroy high tech jobs in 5G and IoT in Europe

EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations, voices key concerns on EC plans towards a new Communication on SEPs

PRESS RELEASE: ‘License to all’ is a ‘license to kill’ innovation and jobs in Europe

PRESS RELEASE: Without use-based licensing, a handful of Silicon Valley giants will become gatekeepers of a fragmented Internet of Things

PRESS RELEASE: Broad spectrum of EU innovators kick-start development of best practice code of conduct for licensing Standard Essential Patents for 5G and the Internet of things

PRESS RELEASE: New industry Code of Conduct on licensing open standard technologies to bolster European global leadership in 5G and the Internet of Things

Apple and Qualcomm’s Billion-Dollar War Over an $18 Part

Apple faces down Qualcomm, Ericsson over EU patent fees

Why the ETSI IPR Policy Does Not and Has Never Required Compulsory ‘License to All’: A Rebuttal to Karl Heinz Rosenbrock

EPO publication highlights importance of patents for Europe's SMEs

Silicon Valley giants want to smash standards and grab internet of things

CEOs of tech SMEs asked President Juncker to support innovation and open standards

A manifesto for innovation

Are others’ IP rights worth so little?

Tech licensing system that keeps the giants in check

European SMEs can lead the world in the IoT revolution

Video: Fractus CEO Rubén Bonet on the benefits of patents for European SMEs

We cannot build the internet of things without open standards

Les PME européennes les plus innovantes demandent davantage de soutien pour développer l’économie numérique

Europe’s R&D intensive SMEs call for support to drive digital economy

Didier Patry (France Brevets): "The GAFAs reduce the value of patents. Brussels must react"

Fractus, Catalan technology inside all mobiles

Unleashing the full potential of European Standards for the 21st century. Not possible without SMEs contribution

Commissioner Vestager claims royalties of $120 per smartphones due to threat of injunctions

EU adopts pro-IP measures and hints at new SMEs rules as part of the IPRED review

Regulatory restriction to Patent rights will affect innovation and benefit free-riders

New empirical evidence reveals 83% decline in essential patents contributions to the IEEE

WIPO study demonstrates importance of patents in the SMEs' innovation process

A new research shows the real annual licensing return from mobile market.

Slovenia passes law on ratification of the UPC Agreement

IP Europe Comments on Revised U.S. FTC and DoJ Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property

CEN-CENELEC IPR policy on Standard Essential Patents: "FRAND is procedural, not distributional”

Takeaways from “Let Innovators Innovate” event in Turin, June 28

Let innovators innovate !

Déclaration du Conseil sur la standardisation des TIC pour le Marché Unique Numérique

EU Council Declaration on ICT Standardisation for the Digital Single Market

IEEE royalty rate fixing would probably breach EU competition law

Let's keep Europe innovating!

Ericsson and Nokia the latest to confirm that they will not license under the new IEEE patent policy

3 Commission consultations on the next H2020 work programme (2018-2020) closing on April 30

Commissioner Bieńkowska announces measures to help research centres and SMEs to better use their IP & inventions

IP Europe presents impact of new U.S. IEEE patent rules on innovative SMEs and calls for EU action

T-TIP to include an SME chapter says EU Trade Commissionner Malmström

20,000 businesses in Spain to benefit from new SME financing deals

A public consultation to be launched on the next R&D European program (after H2020)

UPC – one step closer from Germany's ratification

EU launches SME Innovation Associate Programme

€ 200 million in new equity funds expected for innovative Start-ups

Public consultation on the Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive (IPRED)

EU Commission identifies priority areas for standards development in the EU

185 SMEs from 26 countries funded under Phase 1 of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

Launch of IP Europe in the press

European tech companies and research institutes who believe in the value of intellectual property launch IP Europe

European Commission facilitates SME's access to public contracts

Peiker Acustic joins the Fair Standards Alliance

The Risks of Applying FRAND Calculations to Non-SEPs

The European Commission released its 2016 Rolling Plan for ICT standardisation

Ericsson and Apple sign global patent license agreement, settle litigation

The ACE programme has accelerated the growth of more than 125 high potential ICT start-ups and SMEs from 18 European countries

The European Union will improve the way it legislates to ensure that EU laws better serve SMEs

Public consultation on due diligence and supply chain integrity for Intellectual Property protection

SME Instrument received record breaking applications

The Juncker plan is ready, Commissioner Katainen stresses the need to start “selling” it

The viability of FRAND policies: How the Seminal Microsoft Ruling Could Impact the Value of Standard Essential Patents and the Future of Telecom Standards

Event “From open science to open innovation - How to get more jobs and growth from EU science investments” in Brussels, on 24 February 2016

Event on “Key opportunities for innovative SMES”

EU IPR Helpdesk: Factsheet on Technology Licensing-in

The European Commission intends to increase Venture Capital Sought for EU's $80 Billion to help SMEs get financing

The SME Instrument Phase 2: an EU funding source that innovative SMEs should not neglect

Ten ways businesses and innovative SMEs can benefit from patents other than by practising them

US App Association sponsored by IEEE IP free-riders joins FRAND fray on standard-essential patents

A new step to making the EU Unitary patent a reality

EVENT: on November 29, SME's innovation, Intellectual Property Rights, Data Protection and EU Funding to be discussed in Berlin

EVENT:  9 to 11 December 2015 -  ETSI organizes M2M Workshop

EVENT:  23 November 2015 - Transport SME Innovation day, organised by the EU Commission.

Technology "free-riders" lobby group sets shop in Brussels : the Fair Standards Alliance (FSA)

European Commission to support IoT development

European Commission provides 50.000€ in seed funding for Startups

5G standards - work already in progress

Socialist MEP asks EU Commission about plans to improve access to justice for SMEs

EU Commission investing 3 billion for innovative SMEs

SMEs to enter in the negotiation's scope of T-TIP with a yet unclear goal.

IP Section in US TTP to be released

New Approach for standardisation organisations

European Commission to present new measures for SMEs

European Parliament - Committee on Industry to go over the digital economy priorities for 2016

European Data Protection Supervisor - Data protection