Executive Networking Session & Working Lunch with Innovative SMEs hosted by Torino Wireless 
June 28th, 2016 – Torino, Italy

Investing in R&D, securing fair returns for your patented inventions and the importance of open technology standards: what are the new business and policy challenges for innovative entrepreneurs in Europe? How can we make Europe a better place for your company and investors? 

Audience: 35 to 40 technology entrepreneurs, innovative SMEs, IP-intensive companies, business angels, investors and venture capitalists. On invitation only.

Keynote guest – why do patents matter for R&D investments and innovation ?

·       S. Lasca, Head of IP, Pirelli

Panel 1: innovation and growth factors: patents and open technology standards – The importance of protecting inventions for SMEs; What is changing in Europe: patent hold-out and access to technology standards; What is the impact of these changes on innovative enterprises?

·       P. Marasco, Torino Wireless 
·       F. Zaccà, EPO

·       S. Lasca, Pirelli

Panel 2: protect your innovation, secure your investments – Why do patents matter for investors: The link between patents and investments, the consequences of a weaker patent enforcement environment and the implications on an open standard and interoperability.

·       T. Burns, Generla Electric
·       M. Benassi, Università di Milano
·       L. Pagetti, Intesa Sanpaolo

·     F. Faraci, Digital Innovation Consultant
·     M. Odorico, VC@Vertis

Call for action and how to make it happenthe right EU framework for innovation – Patent hold-out and access to open technology platforms: what can your company do to make Europe a better place for your company and investors? How can IP Europe help you?

·       F. Mingorance, IP Europe
.       S. Raes, ETSI IPR Vice-Chairman

·     M. Sabattini, SISVEL 

Closing remarks 
.         M. Lo Bue, Italian Competition Authority (AGCM)

Networking Lunch & Discussion and Q&A with all SMEs Participants