Speaking in reaction to the European Commission’s Industrial Strategy, Francisco Mingorance, Executive Secretary of IP Europe, said:

“IP Europe welcomes the acknowledgement that Europe must ‘speed up investment in research and the deployment of technology, in areas such as 5G’ and that it ‘must now invest if it wants to be a frontrunner in 6G networks’.

“For Europe to retain technological and digital sovereignty for its critical digital infrastructure such as 5G, continued investments by European industries in the development of such technologies are a must.

“We acknowledge today’s announcement of an Intellectual Property Action Plan. Its development should be evidence-based and its success will be measured by its ability to incentivise and enable European industries, through fair return on investment, to continue the development of technologies upon which Europe’s technological sovereignty depends.”

Ruben Bonet, IP Europe’s SME chair, reacted to the parallel release of the SME Strategy saying:

“We welcome the EU pilot on valuation of high-tech start-ups on the basis of their technology and IP portfolio and will support any initiative that will help innovative businesses develop Intellectual Property (IP) led growth strategies.”

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