IP Europe is a coalition of European innovators advocating for policies that incentivise investments in the creation of new technologies and businesses.

From global technology leaders and research institutes creating the technologies that underpin the 5G cellular standard, to innovative SMEs which rely on their patent portfolios to grow, IP Europe gives a voice to organisations that recognise the value of IP in fostering innovation, growth and jobs.

We work to ensure the vital importance of intellectual property to the European digital and knowledge-based economy is recognized and valued. We advocate for EU policies support a world-leading innovation ecosystem. According to data from the EUIPO and the EPO, 45 % of economic activity and 38.9% of employment in the EU – as many as 83.3 million jobs – are generated by IP-intensive companies.


To make Europe the world’s leading digital ecosystem by promoting the enactment of policies that support the virtuous circle of innovation and investment in new technologies and businesses.


To promote policies that support a strong European innovation ecosystem and drive growth, job creation and the emergence of new European technologies, businesses and markets.

In particular by:

  • Working to ensure that all innovators can receive a fair return on their investments in developing new solutions, to encourage further research and development.
  • Supporting innovative SMEs to effectively use IP rights and to develop strong portfolios, so they can attract capital, grow, create jobs and compete in Europe and globally.
  • Safeguarding the vital system for the open development of wireless technology standards, which promotes innovation while balancing the rights and obligations of technology providers and implementers.



SMEs Chair

From the time IP Europe was created, Ruben has ensured the perspectives of SMEs are integrated into all policy positions and engagement by the organization.

Rubén Bonet is co-founder, President and CEO of Fractus, the European technology company specialising in the global wireless and telecom industries, named in 2005 as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

Rubén has an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and an MBA at IESE Business School. Earlier in his career he was a strategy consultant at Arthur Andersen. Rubén's accomplishments include the spin-off of Fractus from an R&D university, funding with €20 million of venture capital, international expansion across USA and Asia, strategic partnerships with large industrial corporations, a later stage MBO and negotiating patent technology licensing agreements.

He was recently appointed as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at IESE and is the SME Chair in IP Europe, representing European SMEs.


Senior Advisor

Francisco, a co-creator of IP Europe, develops and executes the organization’s advocacy strategies to shape an enabling policy environment for European innovation and technology leadership.

Francisco advises international firms and government agencies on EU policy and regulatory affairs.

After working for the European Commission on TRIPs-related matters and access to pharmaceuticals in Africa, he opened the Business Software Alliance (BSA) representation in Brussels in 2000 where he managed public affairs for US tech companies for more than 10 years.

In 2011, Francisco joined the partnership of an independent public affairs consultancy and since 2013 has managed Europa Insights, a Brussels-based firm specialising in IP, trade and technology issues.

Swiss and Spanish, he is a lawyer with an engineering background, educated at the University of Geneva and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne.


Policy Advisor

Laura supports the IP Europe team, leading on policy research, member engagement, and other initiatives.
Laura is a policy and communication specialist. She started her career at the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante in the Public Awareness Team of the Observatory, where she focused on grants, and communication activities. Before she joined Europa Insights, she worked at the European Patent Office in Munich in the External Communication Department. Laura worked in media relations and assisted in the preparations for the European Inventor Award. She holds a Master’s degree in European and International politics from the University of Innsbruck. In addition to her native German she speaks fluent English and has a good knowledge of French.