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With 40% of total economic activity in the EU generated by Intellectual Property (“IP”) intensive companies and 35% of all employment – that is 77 million of European jobs – stemming from such industries, Europe needs to maximise the contribution of IP and up its R&D investments to realize the full potential of the knowledge economy.

IP Europe brings together R&D-intensive European companies and research institutes committed to innovation, from SMEs to global enterprises and non-profit research entities operating in a variety of industrial sectors.

IP Europe is a coalition of IPR and R&D intensive organizations globally headquartered in Europe. Our goal is to educate European policy-makers and give a voice to innovative companies, including SMEs, that rely on their R&D investments and their patents to succeed. IP Europe will help you:

  • Keep you informed of new European rules and policies that affect your ability to secure fair revenues from your R&D investments
  • Meet EU lawmakers that take decisions affecting your R&D investments
  • Act and influence EU policies affecting your patents and R&D investments alongside with world-class European enterprises
  • Find EU programs that help you leverage your patent portfolio and secure investments for your projects

IP Europe


The Executive Board

Includes all corporate members and at least one SME representative. It is the steering group and the driving force for IP Europe. The EB is responsible for all communications with policy makers and stakeholders. It approves the admission of new members, strategic plans and budgets.

SME Members

Play a fundamental role in the European innovation ecosystem. They rely on their IP portfolio to innovate, grow, and create quality jobs.

SME Supporters

They are innovative European companies that are not members of IP Europe but that endorse IP Europe’s SME Manifesto or support similar initiatives.

Corporate Members

Including founding members, are large companies with a proven track-record in developing innovative technologies.

The Global Innovation Taskforce

Is comprised of entities which are not regular IP Europe members, but share its vision and goals. Together with the Scientific Advisers, it develops collaborative initiatives at the invitation of the Executive Board.

The Communications Taskforce

Brings together representatives of IP Europe’s structure and works to ensure its voice reflects the values and objectives of all its members.

IP Europe


The following individuals ensure that IP Europe rules of engagement and governance principles are applied consistently and in all fairness.


Executive Chairman



SMEs Chair



Executive Secretary


Hassan TRIQUI – Secure IC