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With 40% of total economic activity in the EU generated by Intellectual Property (“IP”) intensive companies and 35% of all employment – that is 77 million of European jobs – stemming from such industries, Europe needs to maximise the contribution of IP and up its R&D investments to realize the full potential of the knowledge economy.



IP Europe brings together R&D-intensive European companies and research institutes committed to innovation, from SMEs to global enterprises and non-profit research entities operating in a variety of industrial sectors.

IP Europe is a coalition of IPR and R&D intensive organizations globally headquartered in Europe. Our goal is to educate European policy-makers and give a voice to innovative companies, including SMEs, that rely on their R&D investments and their patents to succeed. IP Europe will help you:

  • Keep you informed of new European rules and policies that affect your ability to secure fair revenues from your R&D investments
  • Meet EU lawmakers that take decisions affecting your R&D investments
  • Act and influence EU policies affecting your patents and R&D investments alongside with world-class European enterprises
  • Find EU programs that help you leverage your patent portfolio and secure investments for your projects


The Executive Board includes all corporate members and at least one SME representative. It is the steering group and the driving force for IP Europe. The EB is responsible for all communications with policy makers and stakeholders. It approves the admission of new members, strategic plans and budgets.

SME Members play a fundamental role in the European innovation ecosystem. They rely on their IP portfolio to innovate, grow, and create quality jobs.

SME Supporters are innovative European companies that are not members of IP Europe but that endorse IP Europe's SME Manifesto or support similar initiatives.

Corporate Members, including founding members, are large companies with a proven track-record in developing innovative technologies.

The Global Innovation Taskforce is comprised of entities which are not regular IP Europe members, but share its vision and goals. Together with the Scientific Advisers, it develops collaborative initiatives at the invitation of the Executive Board.

The Communications Taskforce brings together representatives of IP Europe’s structure and works to ensure its voice reflects the values and objectives of all its members.



The following individuals ensure that IP Europe rules of engagement and governance principles are applied consistently and in all fairness:



Arkamys is specialized in audio signal processing and develops innovative softwares and services for the automotive, home entertainment, mobile phone and connected objects industries
Founded in 2013, B2Cloud is an innovative designer of search and recommendation engines. Its headquarter is based in Rennes and its activity is supported by the Rennes Atalante Technopole. B 2 Cloud is also member of the French Tech association and is involved in the Eurocloud organization.
Cell & Sat provides solutions to optimize the cost of satellite links and allows cellular operators to minimize the costs associated with transmission towards base station in rural areas.
Delta Dore designs control and programming solutions for heating (electric, gas, oil) and heat pumps. These solutions apply to new buildings, renovations and residential / commercial buildings.
Devicare is a technology-based company dedicated to develop innovative Remote Patient Management (RPM) products combining Medical Devices for monitoring (Mx) and Medical Foods as nutritional therapy (Nx). Among others, Devicare has developed Lit-Control Products (www.lit-control.com) to manage remotely the urinary pH of patients with different urological diseases such as: lithiasis, urinary tract infections, overactive bladder, bladder pain syndrome / interstitial cystitis, renal tubular acidosis, and others. Lit-Control is composed by 1 Medical Device and 3 Medical Foods protected by a strong IP portfolio of more than 50 patents.
Fractus has been the pioneer in intergrating fractal technologies in mobile antennas. Their technology is now a de facto standard. Fractus continues its research efforts to bring efficient antenna solutions for wireless communications.
France Brevets is one of the very first sovereign investment funds fully dedicated to patents with a worldwide perspective. An initial funding of €100M is being deployed by a team of international experts to build strategic patent positions and monetize them through effective and focused licensing efforts.
GreenTropism provide services in exploratory analysis of data, statistics and data-mining, design of experiments, as well as chemometrics and spectroscopy. With our lab platform, it is also able to analyse any kind of organic samples. Greentropism can handle any kind of data (quantitative and qualitative ; classic lab analysis, spectral data…) from varied origins (Food industry & Agriculture; Environment; Medecine; Pharmacy & Cosmetics; Materials; Petrochemistry…)
As a leading enginerering company in containment systems for the shipping and storage in cryogenic conditions of LNG (liquefied natural gas), GTT offers engineering, consultancy, training, maintenance support and technical design services.
IGR is a protective alliance against patent speculators. IGR was founded in 1952 in Düsseldorf to promote the interests of its members in the field of industrial property rights in Germany and abroad, and to promote and exercise these.
Inside Secure is a large SME. Founded in 1994, it focused on developping both the standard and solutions around Near Field Communications (NFC). Inside Secure went public in 2012 and now focuses on security solution for Mobile and IoT industries.
IntuiLab was founded in 2002 with a passion for developing solutions incorporating natural user interface technology. IntuiLab now offers a software platform that enables any organization to effortlessly create and deliver gratifying, meaningful and ubiquitous interactive digital experiences.
Lucibel is a French innovative company designer of new-generation lighting products and solutions based on LED technology, and marketed in over 25 countries. Lucibel has a wide range of patents and a culture of innovation.
Micrel Medical Devices SA is a Greek medical technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets ambulatory infusion pumps, administration sets as well as patient infusion control and monitoring systems for hospital and home care applications. As innovation is central for Micrel Medical Devices, the company relies on its strong IP portfolio.”
Mobilead pionneered optical and wireless identification (QR Code, NFC). Mobilead now develops an integrated platform to enhance marketing capabilities.
Naturex is an international group specialising in natural ingredients. Its expertise in plant extraction and the development of natural ingredients allows Naturex to meet the demands of its industrial customers in developing efficient and specific solutions for the food, health and beauty sectors. Innovation at Naturex occupies several dimensions and goes beyond expanding its product portfolio.
Orcan Energy is a leading European CleanTech company offering efficient ORC (organic rankine cycle) solutions for the conversion of waste heat into electricity. Orcan Energy was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing simple, cost-saving and efficient energy solutions that unlock the enormous energy potential of unused industrial waste heat sources. Orcan Energy currently operates 70 plants in Europe, making it the most widely used provider in the low-temperature sector in Germany.
Secure-IC delivers best-of-breed technologies to assess and combat state-of-the-art attacks, allowing its customers to stay ahead of the threat. By establishing long-term relationships with governments, commercial partners and top academia worldwide, Secure-IC is quickly becoming a thought leader in the creation of sustainable embedded technologies that strike the best balance between threat protection and product life-cycle pressures.
Sisvel is a world leader in fostering innovation and managing intellectual property. The Group identifies, evaluates and maximizes the value of IP assets for its partners around the world, providing firms with a revenue stream which can be reinvested in innovation for the generation of future revenues.
Thomson Video Networks helps media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters deliver superior video quality at the lowest possible bandwidth for contribution, terrestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT services. Through Thomson Video Networks’ ongoing commitment to innovation, customers are able to leverage emerging technologies, such as the new HEVC compression standard, for the efficient delivery of new video services, including multi-screen applications, to every platform, from small hand-held devices to Ultra HD screens.



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Ericsson is the world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology – providing equipment, software and services to enable transformation through mobility. It works to a higher level of innovation, research and development, and is the largest holder of standard-essential patents for mobile communication in the world and have pioneered many of the technologies used every day on our phones – from location-based apps and touchscreen scrolling to Bluetooth and seamless handover between networks
Nokia Corporation is a Finnish international communications and information technology company. Funded in 1865, Nokia is an innovation leader in the technologies that connect people and things, combining network infrastructure, software and services, with advanced technologies for smart devices and sensors to tap the power of connectivity.
Orange is a group of French origin who has become a major player on the global stage. Orange continues the transition of its networks towards very high speed broadband (including working on 5G), all-IP, cloud and the virtualization of network functions. Orange is strongly involved in the global research and innovation ecosystem.



Dolby Laboratories, Inc. is a British-American company specializing in audio noise reduction and audio encoding/compression. Dolby licenses its technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers.
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization, participating in its capacity of Scientific Adviser
InterDigital develops mobile technologies that are at the core of devices, networks, and services worldwide.
Qualcomm is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services.