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About us

IP Europe is a coalition of research and development-intensive organizations headquartered in Europe, whose inventions are protected by intellectual property rights. From global technology leaders and research institutes creating the technologies that underpin the 5G cellular standard, to innovative SMEs which rely on their patent portfolios to grow, IP Europe gives a voice to organisations that recognise the value of IP in fostering innovation, growth and jobs.

Our goal is to promote the vital importance of Intellectual Property Rights to the European digital and knowledge-based economy and to ensure that EU policies support a world-leading innovation ecosystem. Today in the EU, 40% of economic activity and 35% of employment – spanning 77 million jobs – are generated by IPR-intensive companies.


To make Europe the world’s leading digital ecosystem by promoting policies that support a virtuous circle of innovation and investment in new technologies and businesses.


To promote Intellectual Property Rights policies that support the growth of the European digital innovation ecosystem by balancing IP protection and fair valuation, with pro-competitive access to help create new markets and technologies.

In particular by:

  • Protecting the vital system of open cellular and wireless standards development that promotes innovation while balancing the rights and obligations of standards developers and implementers.
  • Working to ensure that all IPR holders receive a fair return on investment in order to support and encourage further research and development.
  • Supporting innovative SMEs to develop strong IP portfolios that help them raise capital, grow and compete globally from Europe.

IP Europe members

For more information on IP Europe membership, please contact the Secretariat.